First Things First (31 August 2014)

Things seem to be getting on top of me recently; a bad confession for a coach! Writing various proposals for consultancy work, marketing the coaching business, finishing a tricky piece of work which involved trips to Ethiopia and Malawi, with the latter including facilitating a workshop, which came as a bit of a surprise; then there is keeping the twins amused (they are at Terrible Twos phase), sorting out a will - and now we have decided to move house, so there is the selling of where we live now, and deciding where to go. Cripes!!!

All seems a bit overwhelming. But like anyone who was at University in the late 70s/early 80s (me, at Exeter; houses way too expensive there....), in my head is the old Maoist saying: every journey of a thousand leagues begins with the first step.


Many clients feel the way I do; too many competing priorities. So try this:

  • Write down everything you have to do; yes, EVERYTHING!
  • What needs to be done first; not just the easiest, or what you like doing, OK?
  • Break that first thing into its constituent parts, and put them in order
  • What is the first step on your journey?
  • Do it!

For me, it was book a photographer via the estate agent, so we can get on with selling the house via the internet (tick, 10 minutes ago); next, tidy the house and make it ready for the photo shoot, including disguising the worst vestiges of twin destruction (tonight..... groan). Then I'll be well on my way to the first league

Now, give it a go!

all the best

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