Find myself a rock 'n' roll band (2 February 2018)

I was talking with an old friend yesterday, who has experienced real change in her life – not necessarily of her own making. Mostly it stems from an enforced change of job; though there are other factors at play also.

So what to do next? All the pressures suddenly appear; not least, where is my income going to come from? There is a tendency to thrash around somewhat desperately, trying out all possibilities at the same time; and chaos can ensue.

Stay calm! Follow the GROW approach beloved of coaches: identify your Goal (you want a new job?), take stock of Realities (you’re not trained as a pilot, so that dream may not work, unless…..), draw up a list of Options (start scouring the jobs pages of the newspaper, retrain to do something different, sign up with a recruitment agency, etc.); then decide What to do (e.g., draw up an updated CV and send it to your key contacts).

Take a lesson from Rod Stewart: “I suppose I could collect my books and get on back to school, or steal my daddy’s cue and make a living out of playing pool; or find a rock ‘n’ band that needs a helping hand”. I guess Rod chose the latter course; you may be different…..

Remember that inaction can be the most stressful thing: don’t do nothing! You can always change your decision – don’t protect it, do correct it – but take action now!

All the best

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