Empathy, empathy, they've all got (it) empathy for me? (29 June 2015)

Wimbledon starts today, with Serena and Novak hitting the first balls as defending champions of this resolutely British sporting event, where players wearing traditional whites and spectators eating 40p strawberries (that’s one strawberry per 40p, OK?) somehow carries on regardless; with a little side discussion this year about, er, cheating…… surely not?

But the key question for we Brits – if you believe the BBC, all newspapers and other miscellaneous media, at least – is this: can Andy win it again? I’m not a big fan of Mr Murray, and my short answer would be: he has a much better chance if he stops whinging, swearing and banging his racquet on the grass. But that’s just my own view!

More directly relevant to his chances of victory is his choice of coach; and as even many non-tennis fans know, Mr Murray has made the unusual choice in the world of men’s tennis – nay, men’s sport generally – to work with a female coach, former women’s top player Amelie Mauresmo.

Why has he bucked the trend; and, indeed, why is his choice seen as so “brave”? Ms Mauresmo is an excellent and successful sportswoman, and so presumably has great tactical and strategic insights to strengthen Murray’s game; but, in the often macho world of men’s sport, it does indeed stand out.
Empathy may be the answer; maybe he just feels comfortable, is at ease, can listen and share his anxieties with her – he feels trust in Mauresmo. Other things like experience, competence, insight, knowledge, are all important; but empathy is key.

As with sports coaching, so with personal and life coaching. If you are choosing a coach, do you feel an empathy with that person? Is this someone that you can be totally honest with, who you can trust to explore the more vulnerable or deep parts of your life, who you believe can help guide you to the life you want?

Trust your instincts in making the choice; it is an important decision. And good luck!

All the best


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