Don't be needy, be succeedy! (16 November 2011)

Went to see, at last, Neil Mullarkey - aka L Vaughan Spencer, the "Gangsta Motivator" - at the Comedy Store recently. Neil was a Patron of my old organisation One World Action, and an all-around good fellow, so I had long-promised myself a look at his act. The added piquancy, of course, is that L Vo is a pastiche of a Life Coach - something I have become since I have known Neil. Well, not a pastiche of a coach. I hope.

Anyway, the whole act was hugely enjoyable and very funny, and I'd certainly recommend it. But here's the strange thing: Neil's act took off perfectly - though never cruelly - the cliched idea of an evangelical business and life coach, with lots of motivational slogans, inspiring music and "confessions" from the audience. Yet still the practice of shouting aloud "positive speak" slogans and answering "Yes!" to questions about our commitment to improvement was uplifting and exciting - even with the knowledge that this was a comedy act. So maybe I need to encourage a bit more active movement and energy from clients when I'm working with them; though the challenge is how to do this over skype or in the local coffee shop...... Catch up with Neil's act on

And as L Vo says: don't be a Success-o-Phobe!

all the best


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