Do I dare to eat a peach? (6 June 2019)

An old friend of mine, from University, was planning a party last year, but she got ill; I never heard what her illness was, or what happened. Yesterday, clearing out my emails, I found her message from a year ago notifying of the party cancellation – but no other info. I contacted her; thankfully, she is OK, still vague about her illness, but her old self (in words at least).

But something HAS happened to her; and it has happened to me and lots of people I know from my past, at school, at University.

We are now…….. Seniors! Yes, our fifties are behind us, and we all have our Senior Railcards.

We are 60.

Young people – and not even that young, in some cases – are giving up their seats to me on the bus or tube train. Or trying to; I say No Thanks. Politely. Graciously, I hope.
Because I don’t feel old!

But I did fear what I would feel like at 60; and it seems others went through that, too. Of course, some people do have afflictions and disabilities, some of the attributes of growing old, of reaching 60, and then 70, and then (maybe) 80, and then.....

But the reality of the difference is not in how you feel, but in how you are treated. Like an old person.

So if you are approaching, fearfully, your 60th year:
• Take a little more care of yourself as a preventative measure
• Do those tests the NHS in the UK will send you (or whatever is your equivalent)
• Expect others to treat you differently; try to acknowledge their caring, even if you refuse their actions!
• Practice saying: I am 60. Until you can do it without cringing too much
• Keep fit and active
• Don’t be embarrassed by your age
• Use your experience and wisdom to help others
• Scoff those peaches…..

And remember: you may grow old, you may grow old, but DO NOT wear the bottoms of your trousers rolled!

All the best

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