Ch-ch-ch-changes (3 March 2017)

I've just been in Bangkok. I used to live in the city, for a year, back in 1998; and had previously visited in 2011, when I had some work at Chulalongkorn University. Not much seemed to change during 1998-2011; or so it seemed to me. But now.......

Hordes of tourists, everywhere. Tsst. My favourite Mr Donut (yes, I know; not very classy), now priced out of the Siam Square area by fashion shops and hipster coffee houses, Thai style. Yeek.

My favourite old CD shop, DoReMe, with its knowledgable, middle-aged female, non-English speaking owner - no sign of it (or her) anymore, or CDs generally. Pah! Selfie sticks seem de rigeur. Aghhh! My favourite eating place, now a block of chic, expensive apartments. Good grief!

Everyone under 25 using their smartphones; OMG! Chulalongkorn University store has stopped selling t-shirts; pah! Can't seem to get somtam from street stores for love nor money; madness! So many new shopping centres; where is the exit?!

But, as David Bowie, a master himself, said: turn and face the change! Most people seem better-off - at least superficially - the MRT has reduced traffic congestion, Thai people remain the most courteous that I know, more people are at college. Try to see the good side to change, understand it, embrace it - it doesn't mean the past is worthless, just different

Now, where is that Spotify gift link I was sent?

all the best

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