Brownie points (21 May 2014)

"Values and beliefs" are a crucial part of coaching; what underpins your life, often unknowingly (values), and the beliefs you have picked up - including your rose-tinted specs and your prejudices, which may be entirely based on extremely partial but powerful information.

People often get stumped when asked about their beliefs; what are these deep feelings, and where did they come from? But they are vital, not least in making decisions - so knowing them, exploring them, and being totally honest about them is key to happiness and making the right life decisions for you. And self-honesty is fundamental; this is not what you think other people will want to see in you, it is about what you value most deeply.

So what values drive you? Social justice, love of money, a wish for a quiet life; be honest, and you take the first step to happiness.

And to help you, below is a list of the things a group of 6,000 Brownies identified as important values. Remember: this was a group of 10-year-olds...... inspiring and humbling are words that come to mind.

1. Be a good friend: Brighten up someone’s day this week – write a card, give a gift, or help a friend with something they’re working on.
2. Feel the fear and do it anyway: It could be zip wiring, abseiling or zorbing, speaking in public, signing up to learn something new or singing karaoke for the first time!
3. Be a survivor: Get back to basics Brownie-style - pick up a key survival skill and build your own camp fire, solar still or emergency shelter.
4. Fight injustice: Sign a campaign or raise awareness of an issue facing girls and women around the world.
5. Go green: Ban yourself from using plastic bags for the week, swap an hour’s TV every evening for exercise, reading or a game, and have at least one meat-free day.
6. Get exploring: Go somewhere you’ve never been. It doesn’t have to be the North Pole or the Amazon basin – it could be a park you haven’t visited.
7. Paws for thought: Raise money or awareness of an animal cause or volunteer your time with a local animal sanctuary.
8. Be an active citizen: Pledge an hour of your time to fundraise, collect items to donate or volunteer with a local charity, foodbank or hospital.
9. Become a cool head in a crisis: Brush up on how to treat cuts, burns and nosebleeds, and how to recognise heart attacks and shock.
10. Be inspirational: Use this week to set yourself a new challenge – learn a language, set a fundraising target or aim to swim the length of the channel by the end of 2014.

Maybe our world is in good hands for the future; at least, as long as we elect former Brownies as our leaders!

all the best

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