Be resolute (7 April 2018)

Spring is here – allegedly, given the Beast from the East still is a little restless here to the NE of London – but 2018 is certainly getting going. For the first time in many years, I actually made some New Year Resolutions……and it is about now that they traditionally get forgotten, as the real business of the life kicks in.

But I will be resolute. Yes, I will!

In my consulting work, I often adopt a shorthand, colour-coded method of giving a score on progress and performance against targets. If you’ll excuse the jargon….

It is: GREEN = Good, AMBER = OK, RED=Bad

So how are my resolutions going?

1. Learn (again) basic Chinese and Japanese AMBER
2. Cook for the children AMBER
3. Do some ads for my coaching AMBER
4. Visit Cambodia again RED
5. Do a Lasting Power of Attorney and Will GREEN
6. Learn some new songs on guitar GREEN
7. Get a smartphone RED
8. Sort out the house annex AMBER
9. Contact old friends RED
10. Be good AMBER


Well, I have learned to play “Don’t Go Back to Dalston” by Razorlight….!

So how are you doing!?

All the best

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