Be Resolute (31 December 2014)

Be Resolute (31 December 2014)
World peace; or, at the very least, a Just and Equal World. The two wishes that came most quickly to mind when I and a former, long-time-no-see colleague looked forward wistfully to 2015. The second of these was the “vision” of One World Action, where she and I gainfully did our utmost – or so it felt – to change the world for the better.

But as New Year resolutions, they don’t meet one of the tenets of coaching when setting goals: they are not within your control. Only set goals that you yourself can influence; though do think imaginatively about what you really can do, because it is likely to be more than you immediately imagine.

So what do you are your resolutions for 2015? Try this:
1. Write down on paper everything you want to BE, to HAVE, to DO, in 2015 (e.g., run a marathon, have a family, be a father, be a confident public speaker, live in a hot country, etc.)
2. Keep it for a day or two – add to it
3. Start reducing the list – what are my reasons for being like this, having this, doing this? Write a positive sentence for each, e.g., I want this because….
4. Keep only the goals with a positive Why
5. Mark out of 10 each goal’s importance to you
6. For each goal: is it fair/ethical to others in your life, and does it bring you to your overall goal?
7. Select your Top 5. Be as honest as you can with yourself – this is your list, not anyone else’s. You may drop some of your Top 5 and bring in new goals, or you may have less than 5

What does the list tell you about yourself and the life you want to live from here? And what actions will YOU need to take to make your Top 5 a reality?

On reflection, maybe I shouldn’t give up on World Peace just yet…….

All the best for 2015

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