A Thousand Dreams (31 December 2012)

Identifying what you really want, and finding the path towards it is a big part of coaching – maybe the most important part. I like to get people to do an exercise called Have-Be-Do – to write down exactly what they want to have, be and do in their lives. You might think: that sounds idealistic, and maybe unrealistic. But it is amazing what people come up with, when they are totally honest, and they can put aside the various barriers – mostly mental – that have stopped them trying for their goals.
But sometimes patience is needed, and adaption is required along the way, keeping the dreams alive but recognising life is complex and stuff happens. For me, when I did the exercise described above, one thing that popped out to my surprise was this:

I want to have a sea view

At first, I didn’t know why this was so important, but then memories and thoughts flowed: being pushed along in my pram in the rain, listening to a thunderstorm under a huge umbrella in my parents’ garden, swimming under the sea in the Philippines, sleeping out at night on Dartmoor when I was a student. I used to have a real affinity with nature and landscapes, and especially the sea, with the waves and the sun shimmering. In London, I realised, I hardly registered the weather, and I didn’t look up to the sky. My link with the natural world was non-existent – and that was not good for me.
So I wanted a sea view, preferably a stormy, rough coast, rather than a sunny Mediterranean view. But in 2012 the twins came along, and I’ve had to put a physical move on hold just for now. We all need dreams, though; so I’ve found a picture of the view I want – it is at the top of the page. It’ll do for now, until I get the real thing.

“A thousand dreams burn softly inside me” (Rimbaud)

Keep your dreams alive and enjoy 2013!

All the best


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