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I'm Graham Bennett, a qualified performance and leadership coach and mentor. I was CEO of international development agency One World Action for 10 years, and I've worked at a senior leadership level in the not for profit sector, including with Amnesty International, for over 20 years. I've worked in the UK and in Africa and Asia. I also do consultancy in international development (see CV).

I've coached people on very difficult decisions that have changed their lives, and that have taken real courage - on tackling debt, on getting a new job, on fertility and the "ticking clock", on loneliness, on dealing with change, on the loss of partners through death and divorce - and I believe coaching works.

I've also coached leaders, in the charity, public and private sectors - people who have to take huge responsibility and who often have no one they can trust to try out ideas and express their fears and doubts. And all leaders have such doubts - I did!

Take a look at at my life, and what has inspired me; then let's find out what inspires you!

"A thousand dreams burn softly inside me" (Rimbaud)

PS: Yoshiko and I had twin boys, Cosmo and Apollo, in August 2012; now that really IS a Big Change!

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